St John's senior citizens project is for fun, friendship and fulfilment


We run intergenerational projects and events when all ages come together to learn or have fun. We collaborated with Big Up Films for the ‘Mix and Make’ workshop and made wonderful arts and crafts. Please contact St Johns to find out details of current workshops.

Diamond Juballie party in Clapham's St Johns.
Party time at St Johns
Fun, Friendship and Diversity.
We have also worked with local schools where senior citizens have worked with children on art projects, sung together and told evacuation stories. We have also collaborated with local film group Big Up Films to work on two film projects. Senior citizens reminisced about their lives and produced the film ‘The History of Our World’ and young people from Lambeth College worked with senior citizens to make the film ‘Let Go’. Both these films can be viewed on Big Up Films website.
One of many activities helded at 
             St Johns in Stockwell
St Johns Halloween.
Singing and more fun, friendship and diversirty