St John's senior citizens project is for fun, friendship and fulfilment
Meet up with friend and make new ones 
        at a fun, friendly and diverse center 
         for senior citizens

Our Motto is "St Johns Senior Citizens Project is for fun, friendship and diversity"

St Johns Community Development Project is based in the heart of the community and aims to improve the lives of senior citizens through a range of activities and events.

Some of the happy people from 
               Clapham and Stockwell commuity
Your courage. 
              Your cheerfullness. 
               Your resoltion. 
                Will bring us together
St Johns Goes on regular day trips out.
We provide a weekly social club and exercise session , a singing group , and craft sessions. We also have a programme of outings, meals out, theatre trips and holidays.

Members play an active part as volunteers in running the sessions, and in helping to support the Community Development Project as a whole. We decide on our activities through regular discussion, supported by our Senior Citizens Project User Advisory Group.